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Survivor Stories - Amy

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January of 2019 at the age of 43. I am grateful to be alive and have really been impacted by how much love and support I have from family and friends. I have developed new relationships by meeting people who have instantly become close to me because of our cancer connection. The medical team of professionals have supported me and been top-notch. I am married with two growing sons, along with my extended family of parents and in-laws. Cancer never lets me forget that my life has changed forever, but I enjoy being outdoors hiking, skiing, floating rivers, and racing BMX bikes for the past eight years. Please know that you are never alone on this journey and there is SO much accessible support and activities to tap into in our community to help you along this journey. Finally, if you feel a new breast "lump," speak up and request additional testing after the mammogram because the detection science is changing.